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My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero gave Gary Holt a signed Ampeg Dan Armstrong electric guitar

Gary Holt Frank Iero
(Image credit: Ethan Miller / Carrie Davenport/Redferns via Getty)

We recently got a glimpse of My Chemical Romance electric guitar player Frank Iero’s rather impressive collection during an interview with Ernie Ball’s String Theory series.

Now it seems that collection might be one guitar lighter. Iero recently unloaded an Ampeg Dan Armstrong, and the recipient was none other than Slayer and Exodus shredder Gary Holt.

“Did a little guitar swap with my friend @frankieromustdie for this cool as fuck Ampeg Dan Armstrong, totally love it!,” Holt wrote on Instagram.

“Has this crazy slide in pickup mount that is just nuts! Frank called it the DeLorean of guitars and I think he’s right! Thanks bro! Gonna do a quick set up on it and take it for a spin.”

Holt, of course, has gone on record as a major My Chemical Romance fan, once calling their 2006 album The Black Parade “a masterpiece.”

He told Loudwire, “I think every song is amazing, it’s super ambitious, and I hear shades of Queen, Pink Floyd and Cheap Trick all over it.”

Regarding My Iero and his My Chem co-guitarist Ray Toro, he continued, “Love their guitar work, killer tones and great chops. Too much great stuff on The Black Parade to single out, but my favorite song is The Sharpest Lives.”