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Nail classic George Lynch high-gain tones with the Lynch Mod tube module

Legendary Tones unveils the Lynch Mod
(Image credit: Legendary Tones)

Looking to nail Dokken electric guitar legend George Lynch’s classic high-gain shred tones? Look no further than the Lynch Mod, a pure tube module designed to deliver expanded high-gain capabilities for classic Marshall amplifiers.

Created by Legendary Tones in collaboration with Lynch, the Lynch Mod adds an adjustable 100 percent pure tube gain stage with bass boost/cut control, retaining note definition and articulation while increasing sustain.

According to Legendary Tones, the Lynch Mod, which is hand-wired and equipped with a pair of 12AX7 tubes, can be installed in minutes and requires no special tools or re-biasing of an amplifier – merely insert the module into the middle V2 preamp position.

The Lynch Mod’s gain knob goes from unity mild gain to hot sustain, while the Deep switch provides a bass boost. With the Deep switch in the off position, the low end is tightened and it serves as a bass cut for added clarity.

Said Lynch, "Finding that balance between pre vs. power amp gain, sag, sustain, dynamics and touch-sensitivity in an amp has been a perpetual challenge. To my ears, the Lynch Mod is an impressive one-stop solution that gets you there."

The Lynch Mod is available for $299. For more information or to order, head to Legendary Tones.