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NAMM 2020: Accelerate your guitar learning with the Utility Design Vidami video looper pedal

(Image credit: Utility Design)

NAMM 2020: Utility Design is a company comprising musicians who seek to make learning to play instruments easier. To that end, it has released an inspiring new solution to learning guitar via online video tutorials.

The Vidami is a pedal which allows you to loop, rewind, fast-forward, change speed, pause and play online videos at your feet, allowing your hands to remain in position on your guitar, reducing unnecessary and frustrating interruptions.

The pedal simply connects to a computer via USB and uses a Chrome extension to communicate with YouTube and other online video platforms.

This innovation solves a common problem with a simple user interface, allowing players to focus solely on learning.

As more and more guitar players utilize YouTube for tutorials and lessons, this piece of gear could not have come at a better time.

For more information, head to Utility Design.

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