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NAMM 2020: FoxGear offers a new take on ambient and modulation pedals with the Anubi Series

(Image credit: Foxgear)

NAMM 2020: FoxGear has introduced the new Anubi Ambient and Modulation multi-effects pedals, which offer up a host of effects in pedalboard-friendly enclosures.

The effects pedals are based on the FV-1 digital processor found in FoxGear’s Rainbow digital reverb, and boast a super-bright LCD display and easy-to-use interface.

Loaded into the blue Ambient pedal are reverb, delay, shimmer and chorus effects, while the pink Modulation device offers chorus, phaser, tremolo, Leslie, polyphonic pitch shifter and octave. Users can also combine effects, such as reverb with delay or reverb with chorus.

Features include 16 algorithms, 128 presets, 16 MIDI programmable channels, analog and digital programmable mixes, stereo engine (input and output), expression pedal capability, fully analog signal path, Class A buffered bypass with relay and much more.

The Ambient and Modulation boxes are available for $299 each, and FoxGear hints that there are more devices (in, presumably, new colors) on the way . 

For more information, head to FoxGear.