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NAMM 2020: Keep it 100 with Milkman's new high-powered pedalboard amp

NAMM 2020Milkman Sound is turning things up a notch this year with the unveiling of its new AMP 100 pedalboard amplifier.

A big brother of Milkman's 50-watt pedalboard amplifier - which the company unveiled at NAMM two years ago - the AMP 100, unsurprisingly, packs 100 watts of power, and adds an integrated FET boost circuit and dual control reverb to the equation.

The FET boost can act either as an EQ sweetener, giving a little boost to midrange frequencies, or as a drive pushing the amp's 12AX7 tube into full saturation. The boost sits between the triodes of the preamp tube, and can increase headroom when placed internally.

The dual control reverb features controls for decay time and reverb blend. The decay control ranges from short room-esque 'verbs to much fuller and splashier reverbs. 

(Image credit: Milkman Sound)

The AMP 100 delivers 100 Watts into 8 ohms, 200 Watts into 4 ohms and 50 Watts into 16 ohms, and is finished in black, with walnut end panels and silver knobs completing its distinct look.

There's no word on the price of the AMP 100 yet, but do keep your eye on Milkman for more information.