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New Testament Album in the Works and Coming Soon

Testament fans needn’t look any further than early 2012 for the release of the Bay Area thrashers' next album, according to With Megadeth and Exodus producer Andy Sneap on board, the album may even be available as soon as the end of this year.

Guitarist Alex Skolnick has been keeping fans up to date via Twitter and recently commented on the band’s writing progress.

“Another tune done! My riffs from last week [plus] some of [Testament guitarist Eric Peterson’s plus] new ones we wrote today. Planning one more, then we’ve got more than we need,” Skolnick wrote.

Not long ago, Skolnick spoke nostalgically with on life during his late 80’s San Francisco thrash days. He recalled an unannounced Metallica appearance at Ruthie’s, where the quartet entertained the crowd with a number of punk covers. Skolnick also offered an unusually humorous anecdote regarding the oft-morose Metallica.

“Uh, there was also this project called Spastik Children, with Cliff Burton, James Hetfield on drums, and it was like comedy like sort of 'South Park' before 'South Park,' funny, bad, badly played on purpose music.”