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Nita Strauss partners with Levy's for new signature guitar strap

Nita Strauss
(Image credit: Levy's )

Nita Strauss has teamed up with Levy's to launch her brand-new signature guitar strap.

Featuring a black and gold Baroque design with her signature swirl icon, the strap has been designed to complement the Alice Cooper guitarist's signature Ibanez JIVA10 electric guitar.

Handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada, the two-inch-wide, one-ply woven polyester strap is adjustable from 35" to 60", and features Strauss's signature embossed on the front leather end.

Levy's Nita Strauss signature strap

(Image credit: Levy's)

“I’m so excited to officially launch my signature strap during the holiday season,” Strauss says. “Levy’s has been crafting straps for over 40 years and I’m proud to be a part of the Levy’s family."

The Nita Strauss signature strap is available now for $37.49. For more information, head over to Levy's.

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