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Phoebe Bridgers wants Adrianne Lenker as the fourth boygenius member

boygenius and Adrianne Lenker
(Image credit: boygenius/Bandcamp / Mariano Regidor/Redferns via Getty)

Phoebe Bridgers has revealed that Adrianne Lenker – lead vocalist and guitarist for indie-rock band Big Thief – would be a welcome addition to the alternative indie-rock group boygenius, and an ideal fourth member.

boygenius, which is the collaborative project of solo artists Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, formed in 2018 and swiftly released a self-titled EP of melancholic indie hooks and haunting, poetic vocals.

Despite operating as a trio, the folk-pop powerhouse hinted Baker, Dacus and herself aren't against the idea of expanding the group, having already discussed who their perfect addition would be.

All was revealed when Bridgers appeared on's New Arrivals podcast, with host Bryce Segall posing the question after Phoebe revealed that boygenius meet "every couple of weeks for a FaceTime and talk for like five hours".

"We've talked about this and it's Adrianne Lenker," says Bridgers, without missing a beat.

"She's out there doing her own thing. I feel like we would go on tour and every five years Adrianne would join."

The hugely prolific Lenker fronts American indie/folk-rock band Big Thief, who are up for the Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song Grammy awards this year for alt-rock guitar wigout Not.

Meanwhile, Bridgers, Baker and Dacus have all released a slew of critically acclaimed albums, with Baker due to release new record Little Oblivions on February 26.

While on the show, Phoebe also spoke of her love for metal music, and the influence it had on her most recent album, Punisher.

"I love metal... it's a lot more stylized than a lot of people like to admit," she said. "I am a metal fan, and I reference it a lot, and by album five I'll probably be screaming, like the internal screamo scream!"

That would probably explain the BC Rich Warlock Bridgers used for her solo show at Red Rocks back in September.