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Red Method's Quinton Lucion serves up a plethora of tectonic riffs in this exclusive playthrough

Allow us to deliver your daily dose of heavy as Red Method guitarist Quinton Lucion joins us today to play through Cycle Of Violence, a remarkably heavy hitter from the band’s debut album, For The Sick.

The band was created by ex-members of The Defiled and Meta-Stasis, which partially explains their super-tight sound despite only a single album to date. Cycle Of Violence is the album’s opener, and its groove-driven guitar riffs and arrangements set the tone for the rest of the record.

Watch Lucion navigate this drop-tuned monster, as he demolishes its brutal riffwork and tastefully written melodies. Also, keep your ears perked for several modern metal techniques, including pinch harmonics and even some Gojira-style pick scrapes.

He plays a Solar A1.8C 8-string electric guitar fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups through what seems to be a popular choice amongst seven- and eight-string-toting metal guitar players these days - the Kemper amp modeler.

"[Cycle Of Violence] sets the tone for the listener and gets me absolutely pumped every time I hear the intro rolling before we hit the stage,” Lucion Says.

"The song has something for everyone: groovy riffs, killer drums, thumping bass, mad electronic shifts and one of my favorite vocal melodies we have in our catalogue of madness."

Red method’s For The Sick is out now via Depraved Records.

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