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Release date announced for’s eagerly awaited documentary, The Pedal Movie

Online gear retailer has revealed a release date for its highly anticipated effects pedal documentary, The Pedal Movie, which will take a deep dive into the “untold history of the pedal industry’s rise”.

A new trailer for The Pedal Movie, which announced an April 30 release date, gives guitarists a glimpse of the upcoming film, teasing a close-up look into the phenomenon that “changed music forever”.

“In Reverb’s first-ever feature-length film, we tell the story of how a small industry grew from a handful of companies into the galaxy of different makers building pedals today,” reads a statement from Reverb.

Co-director of the film Michael Lux elaborated, saying, “After the past year, when people have been turning to music gear for stress relief and solace more than ever, we could not be more excited to announce that The Pedal Movie – our love letter to the tiny metal boxes that help us expand our playing – will be available on April 30.

“As Wilco’s Nels Cline tells us in the film, ‘The possibilities are becoming absolutely vast, is not endless’ when it comes to the sounds and music you can create with effects pedals,” he continues. “In the film you’ll learn how we got here and hopefully be inspired to expand the possibilities of your playing too.”

Reverb’s film has been in the works for a while, with a number of pedal makers contributing to the documentary by creating exclusive limited-edition runs of popular units. Way Huge, Walrus Audio, Z.Vex and Chase Bliss all recently unveiled new-look versions of familiar favorites ahead of the film’s release.

Also, as part of Reverb’s The Pedal Movie Profiles, the retailer recently joined forces with Jeorge Tripps for an ultra-limited run of hand-built Fuzz Face pedals.

The Pedal Movie will available to rent or purchase online when it is released on April 30. Head over to Reverb for more information.

In the meantime, check out Pedals: The Musical – a half-hour, historically accurate production conceived by JHS Pedals' Josh Scott that explores the birth of guitar pedals in the 1960s.