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Way Huge, Walrus Audio, Z.Vex and Chase Bliss Audio introduce exclusive new pedals for Reverb's The Pedal Movie pedals
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Pedal powerhouses Chase Bliss Audio, Z.Vex, Walrus Audio and Way Huge have announced the release of four new effects pedals ahead of the release of's new feature-length documentary, The Pedal Movie.

The lineup boasts a range of sonic offerings, including the full-throttle fuzz tones of Chase Bliss and Way Huge, as well as Walrus's versatile overdrive sounds.

From familiar favorites to updated iterations of popular pedals, here is everything we know about the exclusive new products...

Chase Bliss/Z.Vex – Bliss Factory

Chase Bliss/Z.Vex Bliss Factory

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First up is a new-look version of the previously released Bliss Factory – the collaborative offering from both Chase Bliss and Z.Vex, which boasts a two-germanium-transistor fuzz circuit, five-knob control layout and a Joel Korte-designed low pass filter for extra harmonics and texture.

Featuring the exact same circuit as the existing iteration of the pedal, the updated version sports a sleek anodized black colorway.

Walrus – Warhorn/Ages

Walrus Warhorn/Ages

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Walrus Audio has sought to deliver the best of both worlds with its own offering, combining some of its oldest and newest overdrives into one compact unit.

Boasting a streamlined size that won't take up too much room on tight pedalboards, the Warhorn/Ages pedal promises a plethora of versatile overdrive sounds.

While the Warhorn side will give you transparent drives with symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping options, the Ages side offers up a flexible five-mode circuit, delivering a wide range of low- and high-gain tones.

Way Huge – Beer / Effect

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Way Huge Beer and Effect

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Way Huge Beer and Effect

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Last but not least is Way Huge, which brings two offerings to the table in the form of the Beer and Effect.

Essentially two of Way Huge's most popular dirt effects in new enclosures, the Beer is based on the Saucy Box overdrive, which delivers amp-like drive tones courtesy of discrete clean and overdrive signal paths, and sports a new beer-label livery.

The Effect Pedal is based on the Swollen Pickle Fuzz, and drops the green chassis in favor of a more minimalist white and blue design. Tone-wise, the Effect's full-throttle fuzz tone is controlled via loudness, sustain and filter controls, as well as smaller scoop and crunch knobs.

Reverb has announced that all of the new offerings will be up for sale on February 23, with prices yet to be confirmed.

For more info, head over to Reverb.

These aren't the only new pedals to be unveiled in anticipation of Reverb's highly anticipated documentary, with Way Huge's Jeorge Tripps recently releasing a super-limited, 10-unit run of hand-built Fuzz Face pedals.