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Richie Faulkner “sets the record straight” on his new Gibson signature Flying V

Richie Faulkner
(Image credit: Richie Faulkner / Instagram)

After a new Gibson revival of his Epiphone Flying V signature model was revealed by CMO Cesar Gueikian earlier this week, Richie Faulkner has taken to social media to “set the record straight.”

While the initial photo – shared to Instagram by Gueikian – appeared to show a dark blue-finished, dual-humbucker design with a Floyd Rose-style tremolo and locking nut, this is – apparently – not the case at all.

In a short video posted by Faulkner in response to Gueikian's reported reveal, he says, “There's been some rumors lately about a supposed signature-edition Flying V from Gibson, so I just thought I'd set the record straight here. 

Holding up two bright pink mini Flying Vs, he continues, “I've got a couple of examples here. Here we have two examples. This is the Starfish Pink, and the Faded Starfish Pink, after Patrick from SpongeBob [SquarePants]'. One's got an EMG, and one's got a Gibson pickup here.

Explaining the guitars' small-scale design, the Judas Priest guitarist reasons, “Most heavy bands these days, they tune down – drop B and drop A. I've actually tuned up to A, 'cause I think that's a lot heavier.

“So I just wanted to dispel some of the myths out there. These are the ones that I will be pushing through, and these are the most metal-sounding guitars I've ever heard. So watch this space.”

Check out Cesar Gueikian's Instagram post below for the real Richie Faulkner Flying V signature model prototype...

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