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RJM Music debuts the Overture, a 6-in-1, programmable analog overdrive pedal

RJM Music Overture overdrive
(Image credit: RJM Music)

MIDI controller specialist RJM Music has branched into the world of guitar effects pedals with the release of its new programmable overdrive pedal, the Overture.

Boasting a 100% analog signal path, the Overture offers up six different overdrive tones that users can experiment with to create a total of eight separate presets, which can be instantly recalled with the press of a button.

Four overdrive modes – Classic, Boutique, Versatile and Smooth – are based on classic sounds, while the remaining two options – Clean Boost and Crunch – are RJM Music originals based on more contemporary tones.

The broad sonic canvas that the Overture hopes to deliver ranges from the delicate, light gains of Clean Boost, all the way to hard-clipping, heavy-rock tones of Crunch.

Specific tweaks can be made via the onboard control knobs dedicated to gain, bass and treble, as well as a volume control, which can either tame your tone or unleash more high-gain sounds.

An additional pre-boost circuit can be switched in to work alongside the overdrive modes, offering up to 12dB of additional gain to play with.

Other appointments include a MIDI in and out, which hopes to open up a broad range of high-gain experimentation. Not only does the use of a MIDI controller expand the number of available presets to 100, users can adjust parameters in real time to make on the fly adjustments to their tone.

For example, if you wanted to assign the gain parameter to an expression pedal, RJM vows the Overture will "smoothly transition between heel-down and toe-down positions" for when you want to roll in more gain mid-solo.

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RJM Music Overture overdrive

(Image credit: RJM Music)
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RJM Music Overture overdrive

(Image credit: RJM Music)

Furthermore, the addition of a USB-C Connector means the Overture can be connected to a computer, tablet or phone.

The RJM Overture is now available for preorder for $399, and is expected to begin shipping on March 1.

For more info, visit RJM Music.