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Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Talks New Album, 'Clockwork Angels'

In just over two weeks, Rush will release their long-awaited new album, Clockwork Angels.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson recently sat down with Music Radar's Joe Bosso to talk about the new album and break down each track.

"It is a concept record,” he said. "We haven’t done something like this in a while. All of our albums are thematic, but this is a little more direct. I think the songs stand on their own, though. I can listen to them independently of the story, but when I hear everything from front to back, it really makes sense to me. So it works on lot of levels."

When you think concept record you tend to picture something grandiose, but Lifeson says the band were actually aiming for a more stripped down sound on Clockwork Angels.

"We wanted something that was bold and stripped down,” Lifeson said. "The goal was to make it real in your face and very much the sound of a three piece – a hard rock record in the classic sense. I’m happy to say that it really did come out the way we anticipated and hoped for."

For the full interview — including a track-by-track breakdown of the new album — head here.

Clockwork Angels is out June 12 via Roadrunner Records.