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Rush to Release 'Time Machine' DVD/Blu-Ray in September

Concord Records will release Rush's new live release, Time Machine, on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 27, according to MusicTap.

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles speculates that the show in the film is probably Rush's April 15 performance at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

That show was filmed by the Toronto-based Banger Films, an outfit that has produced several rock films, including Metal: A Headbangers' Journey and the Rush documentary, Beyond the Lighted Stage.

Rush's set list from that event:

  • First set:
  • 'The Spirit of Radio'
  • 'Time Stand Still'
  • 'Presto'
  • 'Stick It Out'
  • 'Workin' Them Angels'
  • 'Leave That Thing Alone'
  • 'Faithless'
  • 'BU2B'
  • 'Freewill'
  • 'Marathon'
  • 'Subdivisions'

Second set:
'Tom Sawyer'
'Red Barchetta'
'The Camera Eye'
'Witch Hunt'
'Vital Signs'
Drum Solo ('Love 4 Sale')
'Closer To The Heart'
'2112 Part I: Overture'
'2112 Part II: The Temples Of Syrinx'
'Far Cry'

La Villa Strangiato
Working Man

Here's some fan-shot, front-row video from that performance: