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Sick Riffs: Tommy Baldwin teaches you the attitude-filled blues-rock riffs of Save Me

Sick Riffs #53: Today, we bring you Tommy Baldwin, who's here to teach you how to play Save Me, from his 2019 record Phases. It's a hammer-on/pull-off fest peppered with powerchords and bluesy bends, and it's a helluva lot of fun to play. 

In the video, Baldwin plays an Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass electric guitar fitted with Dean Markley signature strings tuned to drop D and a Neural DSP Archetype Abasi plugin amp modeler.

"Coronavirus has cancelled every gig my band and I have until restaurants and bars open again," the guitarist says. "Huge loss in income to all of our families we have and support doing this full time. 

"The positive side is, I’ve gotten to practice and write even more, and truly draw inspiration from the time with my wife and two sons I haven’t had in a while. That I am grateful for."

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Sick Riffs is a Guitar World video series designed to help guitarists affected by the coronavirus. Self-isolating players around the world have each filmed a lesson where they teach you one of their own guitar riffs, up close and personal. If you dig the lesson, we encourage you to buy music and merch from the artist or stream their music.

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