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The Silver Snark clip-on tuner has been overhauled to make it faster and more accurate

Silver Snark 2
(Image credit: Snark)

Snark has sold an astounding 25 million clip-on guitar tuners since 2010, and now the company says it’s overhauling its Silver Snark design to make it faster, more precise and extend its battery life.

The Silver Snark 2 features the firm’s excellently titled ‘Hyper-Snark’ software, alongside a new rubber coating that reportedly better isolates the tuner from unwanted vibrations and interference, making for a faster, more accurate reading. 

Snark promise a fully chromatic pitch calibration between 415-466Hz, meaning the tuner will jump on identifying even the lower frequencies of baritone and bass instruments.

Emphasis is also being placed on the build quality of the new tuners, with the firm saying the vulcanised rubber collar joints make them “virtually indestructible” (which sounds like an invitation to YouTube’s guitar channels to prove otherwise).

The Silver Snark 2 tuners are available now for a street price of around $20. Head to the Snark Tuners site for more information.

Matt Parker

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