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Slaves blaze through their latest single, Bury a Lie, in this electronic-infused guitar playthrough

American post-hardcore heavyweights Slaves are known for their super-tight guitar work, melodic arrangements and pristinely produced sound. Back in late January, the band released Bury a Lie, the latest of three singles from their upcoming fourth full-length album, To Better Days. And if these tracks are any indicator, the album is set to be one of their best.

In this Guitar World exclusive, guitarists Weston Richmond and Juan Felipe Sanchez have recorded a full playthrough of Bury a Lie, showcasing their dexterity and versatility as they play the track's dizzying array of riffs, moving from heavy one minute to ethereal the next.

"One thing I kept in mind while working on Bury a Lie was to keep it as dynamic as it can be," says Sanchez.

"The main riff already does the heavy lifting so I wanted to add things around that to make it a bit harder for the listener to guess what’s coming next.”

“I’ve always loved fast paced, aggressive music that you can run/workout to. I wanted to tie in some of those aspects while keeping the Slaves R&B dynamic in the verses,” says Richmond, echoing Sanchez's viewpoint on the track's dynamics.

Both guitarists play Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay electric guitars.

Slaves' new album To Better Days is expected to drop in early 2020. For more information, visit

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