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Slayer Planning "Three- or Four-Song EP"

Back in January, Slayer guitarist Kerry King told us that he and drummer Dave Lombardo were already six songs deep into the writing of the new Slayer album. At the time, King said that the band planned to hit the studio in May, and that the album would be released by year's end.

In a new interview with Nervous Breakdown, Lombardo gave an update on the album's progress, saying, "We have nine songs and everything’s moving forward."

When asked when the new album might appear, Lombardo was hesitant to name a date, but did reveal the band was planning an EP to tide fans over.

"We’re going to do a three or four-song EP to keep the fans pacified until we come out with the full-length record," he said. "Kind of like what we did with 'Psycopathy Red,' which was like a two-song 45."

Jeff Hanneman is presumably still recovering from a bout of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease he contracted while on tour in South America.