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Spice up your tone, and your pedalboard's looks, with this amazing deal on the Snake Oil Marvelous Engine distortion pedal

(Image credit: Snake Oil)

There are plenty of terrific distortion pedals out there, but few of them are as distinctive, visually or sonically, as Snake Oil's Marvelous Engine.

Designed by Mythos Pedals' Zach Broyles and YouTube guitar star Rob Chapman, the Marvelous Engine may have the looks and name of an elaborate, fraudulent, Victorian era scheme, but its tones are anything but fake.

Inspired by the higher-gain British amps of yore, the Marvelous Engine packs Gain, Level, Tone and Voice controls, and is perfect for adding just the right touch of dirt to your sound when you need it. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, you can add it to your pedalboard at an incredible discount.

Normally $169, the Marvelous Engine can now be had for an amazing $99. 

Classic British tones like that offered by this pedal are often available only for a premium, so be sure to grab the Marvelous Engine at this ridiculous price point while you still can!

Spice up your pedalboard with $69 off Snake Oil's Marvellous Engine distortion pedal

Get classic British dirt at an amazing price point with a full $69 off this beautifully-designed, high-quality distortion pedal.View Deal