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STL Tones releases AmpHub - an ever-growing collection of amps, pedals and cabinets

STL Tones AmpHub
(Image credit: STL Tones)

STL Tones has unveiled the AmpHub plug-in - an all-new subscription platform that promises users access to an ever-expanding collection of amps, pedals and cabinets. 

The launch follows the release of STL's ToneHub plugin, which hit the market earlier this year, making available a plethora of artists' tonal presets.

Available on both Windows and MacOS, the AmpHub promises to be a comprehensive electric guitar suite in software format, and aims to cover "every possible guitar player need for any genre."

The collection will initially consist of 12 amps, 6 pedals and 9 cabinets, with each cab featuring 6 microphone options. Post-effects modules are also included. New models will be added monthly at no additional cost to subscribers. 

For those who would rather not subscribe, each individual model from within the AmpHub can be purchased outright.

Check out the full list of included gear below:


  • SLDN SLO100: Soldano SLO100
  • MSGB Dual Rect 2 Ch: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2 Channel
  • FRMS Cobra: Framus Cobra
  • FRMS Dragon: Framus Dragon
  • VX AC30: Vox AC30 Top Boost
  • MRSHL J45: Marshall JTM45
  • MRSHL J800: Marshall JCM800 2203
  • MRSHL SL100: Marshall Super Lead 100
  • FNDR Deluxe Combo: Fender Deluxe 6G3
  • FNDR Bass 1959: Fender Bassmann 5F6-A
  • ORNG Rocker MK1: Orange Rockerverb MK1
  • Emissary: Ignite Amps Emissary


  • FRTN 33: Fortin 33
  • BSS SD-1: Boss Super OverDrive SD-1
  • IBNZ TS-9: Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9
  • TCE Preamp: TC-Electronics Integrated Preamp
  • XTC BB Preamp: Xotic BB Preamp
  • MXN OD808: Maxon OD808


  • MRSHL 2x12 1922 G12T: Marshall 1922 G12T 2x12
  • MRSHL 4x12 1982 G12H: Marshall 1982 G12H 4x12
  • MSBG 1x12 BS Open: Mesa Boogie 1x12 BS Openback
  • MSBG 4x12 V30: Mesa Boogie Oversized 4x12 V30
  • ORNG PPC 2x12 V30: Orange PPC 2x12 V30
  • ORNG PPC 4x12 V30: Orange PPC 4x12 V30
  • ORNG PPC 4x12 G12M: Orange PPC 4x12 G12M
  • NGL RG 4x12 G12H: ENGL RG 4x12 G12H
  • BGNR 4x12 SL V30: Bogner SL 4x12 V30

The STL AmpHub is available now for $10 per month. For more information, head to STL Tones

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