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Stomp Under Foot reproduces iconic fuzz and boost pedals with the Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb

Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb
(Image credit: Stomp Under Foot)

US pedal manufacturer Stomp Under Foot has dropped two new hand-wired stompboxes - the Silver Foxx fuzz and Cherry Bomb pre-amp boost pedal.

Based on the 1971 Foxx Tone Machine, the Silver Foxx features Level, Tone, Fuzz dials, as well as both octave - which uses NOS germanium diodes - and on/off footswitches.

To recreate the visual aesthetic of the original, the Silver Foxx has been coated in a crushed velvet finish.

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Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx

(Image credit: Stomp Under Foot)
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Stomp Under Foot Cherry Bomb

(Image credit: Stomp Under Foot)

The Cherry Bomb is based on the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, and features an additional tone control entitled 'Range', which allows the user to dial between treble and bass, and therefore tailor the boost to the amp being used. The pedal's built-in NOS NPN germanium transistor means it can be daisy-chained with other pedals, too.

Both pedals can be powered either using a 9V battery or a 9V power supply.

The Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb are available now for $189 and $179, respectively. For more information, head to Stomp Under Foot.

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