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Strandberg goes for gold - and silver - with striking 10th anniversary models

(Image credit: Strandberg)

Strandberg Guitars has announced the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition series of electric guitars and basses in celebration of its first decade of operation.

The new line features the company’s most popular headless models – the Original, Original Tremolo, Prog, Fusion, Metal, Standard and Boden Bass – in striking gold and silver finishes with matching hardware.

 The very limited edition models will be available in a run of just five of each variation – two in the US (available beginning January 7), and two in the EU and one in Japan (available beginning December 17).

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BD6CT with gold finish

BD6CT with gold finish (Image credit: Strandberg )
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BD6CT with silver finish

BD6CT with silver finish (Image credit: Strandberg)

Pricing range from $1,595 to $3,195, depending on model variation.

For more information, head to Strandberg Guitars