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Sundown Amplification Introduces ST-5 Tube Deluxe Amplifier

Though guitarists internationally have been familiar with the solid-state line of Sundown amps by SHS International for the past five years, what most players don’t know is the original Sundown amplifiers were introduced in the '80s as all-tube designs.

Sundown is returning to its roots by introducing the latest in their new tube line of amps, the ST-5 Tube Deluxe.

The amp features a 12AX7 preamp with an EL84 power amp, 8-inch custom speaker, volume, treble and bass controls and 5-watt output. The ST-5 sounds great clean and distorted, achieving British-like overdrive tones. Like the original Sundown tube amps, the ST-5 has a “Stage Glow” logo that illuminates when the amp is on.

The amp features one instrument input, one volume knob, two tone knobs, two speaker outputs, one power switch and one Universal power cord -- that’s it.

SHS International hasn't forgotten about the Sundown legacy, either. The unit will come with a “Stage Glow” badge that provides a red “Sundown” badge on the front that serves not only to be aesthetically eye-catching, but also tells you at a glance if your amp is turned on or not.

This unit is set to ship in July. Retail prices are $399.95, street prices are $249.95.