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Tech 21 reboots the original SansAmp as the SansAmp Classic

TEch 21 has relaunched the SansAmp Classic
(Image credit: Tech 21)

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Within the past year we’ve seen some noteworthy new SansAmp designs from Tech 21, including the Steve Harris SH-1 and the PSA 2.0.

Now Tech 21 has relaunched the SansAmp Classic, the original pedal that inspired many of the company’s products and is considered a pioneer in DI guitar and bass tones.

The SansAmp Classic’s main module contains a bank of eight character switches, which adjust tonality, harmonics and dynamics.

A three-position input switch, meanwhile, offers a choice of pre-amp styles: Lead (Marshall-style), Normal (Mesa Boogie-style), and Bass (Fender-style).

There are also four controls to shape pre-amp and power amp contours, as well as volume and tone.

The SansAmps was first developed in 1989, and discontinued in 2016. The new Classic retains the identical circuitry of the original, in all its analog glory.

For more information, head to Tech 21 NYC.