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Tesla postpone shows following guitarist Frank Hannon’s Covid diagnosis

Frank Hannon of Tesla
Frank Hannon of Tesla plays live in 2017 (Image credit: Santiago Bluguermann / Getty)

Tesla have announced that they will postpone their “next few” tour dates after guitarist Frank Hannon and several of the touring party tested positive for Covid.

Hannon missed the band’s Oregon shows on 5 and 6 August and was covered by guitarist Howie Simon for the set. It has since emerged that the band’s founding guitarist was fighting Covid at the time.

Hannon said in a statement: “I want to thank my friend Howie Simon for stepping in to help us. Please accept my apology for not saying anything sooner, but I’ve not been able to move all week in pain. The day the bus was leaving I woke up w 102 fever, shakes and couldn’t hardly breathe. So I stayed home. 

“I’ve been unable to hardly move or function since. Tested positive for Covid. (Yes I got the vax, thought maybe it was side effects). Howie did the 2 Oregon shows [August 5th and 6th] for me, and the guys are postponing more dates until we’re all cleared up and safe. I love you all LET’S GET REAL.”

Bassist Brian Wheat shared his own message via social media, telling fans: “Some of us have come down with Covid. Please send out good vibes to my brothers in the crew and the band. We'll get back out there when everyone is healthy again... and for the record, this isn't fun.”

The band urge fans to keep an eye on the Tesla website for more information about upcoming dates, including their next scheduled stop at Q Casino Back Waters Stage in Dubuque, Iowa on 14 August, 2021. 

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