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The guy who bought all of Dave Mustaine’s guitars on Reverb has begun putting them back up for sale

(Image credit: Santiago Bluguermann/LatinContent via Getty Images)

Last year, we reported on the man who bought up all of Dave Mustaine’s guitars in a massive Reverb sale.

Now that buyer, Keith Gannon, a Megadeth fan who owns and operates Essex Recording Studios just outside of London, has begun, as promised, to resell some of the electric guitars on Reverb.

At the time, Gannon explained why and how he purchased all (or most - he believes he didn’t get two of them) of Mustaine’s instruments. In addition to being a fan, he wanted to bring the guitars to his studio so that “anyone is going to be able to come here, touch these guitars, play these guitars and record with these guitars.”

He also reported that he’d eventually be putting all the instruments up for sale again.

And so he has, with, among others, a Dean Prototype King V currently going for $64,163.80 and a personally-owned and signed stage used Dean Silver Zero Explorer for $25,645.75.

Back in November, Mustaine commented on the purchase, telling Rolling Stone that, "It’s pretty commendable. I’m willing, if I ever meet him, to sign them for him."

According to Metal Injection, Essex took him up on the offer, bringing the guitars to Mustaine for him to sign when Megadeth performed in London with Five Finger Death Punch.

Right now there’s just under a dozen guitars listed, but Gannon appears to be adding more every few days. 

To keep an eye on the sale, or to bid on some gear yourself, head over to Reverb.