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The Infinity Case offers a dazzling new way to display your guitar

Infinity Case
(Image credit: Kay John Guitars)

We’ve seen some impressively luxe guitar cases out there recently, but nothing quite the new Infinity Case.

The brainchild of UK-based guitar maker/entrepreneur Kay Newport, the Infinity Case is a cabinet that utilizes mirrors and lighting to achieve an infinite repetition of the guitar on display.

While the standard-size offering (130cm x 60cm x 25cm) is designed to fit most any acoustic and electric guitar models, custom sizes can be built for bass, violin and more.

The cabinet comes with easily detachable legs for floor use, as well as heavy-duty French cleat brackets for wall mounting. Each case is also fitted with a Hercules auto grip hanger for ease and security.

Infinity Case

(Image credit: Kay John Guitars)

Two versions of the Infinity Case are available: the Hardwood edition is made from solid wood with a traditional shellac finish, and is available in a range of woods, including oak, ash, walnut, cherry and sapele. According to Newport, sustainably-harvested homegrown timbers are employed when possible, but exotic woods can also be sourced.

The Fibreboard edition, meanwhile, is constructed of Medium Density fibreboard (MDF) that can be finished in a solid paint color (with a variety of hues on offer, from surf green and aztec gold to midnight purple and satinblack) or a range of real wood veneers.

Additionally, the interiors of the bespoke cases can be finished in a variety of options, including spray paint, real wood veneer, fabric and more.

The Infinity Case line is available from Kay John Guitars.