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Catalinbread’s Giygas promises to unleash torrents of “brawny and fierce” fuzz

(Image credit: Catalinbread)

Catalinbread has introduced the Giygas, a three-transistor fuzz pedal with tones that are “brawny and fierce, yet with plenty of violin-like sustain and articulation on tap.”

The Giygas’ fuzz is wrapped in a JFET-equipped clean blend circuit that can be set to 100 percent dry or wet.

From there, the fuzz is fed into a gyrator-based mids boost and a tilt EQ circuit.

An internal guitar/bass switch, meanwhile, re-centers the mids and EQ to 250Hz for more natural-sounding four-string tones.

There’s also an internal trimpot that provides 10dB of boost or cut at 40Hz.

The Gigyas runs on 9V power and is available for preorder for $199.99.

For more information, head to Catalinbread.