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Van Halen Play Secret Show in Los Angeles

Last night, Van Halen took the stage at Henson Studios in Hollywood, California for a surprise one-hour show that served as an unofficial launch for their new album, A Different Kind of Truth.

"It's a little bit crazy making so much noise in the temple of silent film here, in the name of Charlie Chaplin," Roth said of the history of Henson Studios.

He added, "Most people don't know Charlie Chaplin was a major Van Halen fan. He inspired 'Hot for Teacher,' which we're going to play in a little while."

Van Halen did indeed play "Hot For Teacher," and according to reports, three new songs -- "Tattoo," "The Trouble With Never" and "She's the Woman" -- alongside their usual run of hits.

You can read a full review from the show from the L.A. Times here.

A Different Kind of Truth is out on February 7.