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Video: Sergiy Putyatov —the Fastest Guitarist in the World?

Here's another gem I found in my inbox this morning.

It's a video titled "Fastest guitarist in the world: 27 notes per second on guitar (Sergiy Putyatov) Guinness Record 2012," and it was posted to YouTube earlier this year.

Here's the info that was posted with the video:

"Sergiy Putyatov is one of the fastest guitarists in the world. His official Guinness Record is 27 notes per second."

So that's all I know about this clip (except that it looks like it was shot in Liverpool, England, and that Putyatov bears a passing resemblance to Perfect Strangers-era Ritchie Blackmore), but I think you might appreciate this guy's blinding speed.

My only comment is, if Putyatov is the fastest guitar player in the world, what does that make this guy?