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Wampler unveils Andy Wood Gearbox Signature Overdrive, designed to be the “driving force behind your sound”

Wampler Pedals introduces the Andy Wood Gearbox Overdrive
(Image credit: Wampler Pedals)

Country-rock electric guitar shredder Andy Wood has teamed up with Wampler for the new Gearbox Overdrive, which combines two of the company’s most popular drive circuits, the Tumnus and the Pinnacle, into one enclosure.

Channel 1 is based on the Tumnus, and can be stacked with another pedal to help push or shape the total amount of gain, as well as used as a standalone overdrive or as a slightly dirty boost.

Channel 2, based on the Pinnacle, promises to deliver legendary "Brown Sound" tones, and features a three-band EQ for additional tone sculpting, as well as a noise gate.

Both channels feature independent volume and gain controls, and can also be stacked together, with a switch to determine which circuit comes first in the signal chain.

For ultimate control, both sets of inputs and outputs can be connected to an external switcher to mix or match in parallel or series.

The Gearbox is offered for $269.97. For more information, head to Wampler Pedals.