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Watch Lamb of God's Mark Morton play fingerstyle acoustic in this exclusive All I Had To Lose performance

You may listen to Mark Morton's fiery electric guitar work in Lamb of God and be surprised to find out the six-stringer is also quite the acoustic aficionado. 

The man himself recently stopped by the Guitar World video studio to deliver a playthrough of All I Had To Lose, taken from his 2020 solo EP, Ether. The track showcases the guitarists softer side, as he trades gain-driven riffs for super-precise and emotive fingerstyle tapping.

"This EP is not entirely acoustic but each song has a pretty strong acoustic component," Morton says.

"I wrote the music before I wrote the lyrics - that's usually how I write. My working title for this piece of music was called Pretty One because I think it's... pretty."

Who knew the man behind some of metal's most dark and powerful riffs had such a delicate side?

Mark Morton's latest EP Ether is available now via Rise Records.

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