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Watch Mackenzie Johnson Star in a New Short Film from Ernie Ball

In this clip, singer-songwriter and YouTube star Mackenzie Johnson discusses her life as a musician, her connection with New York City, and how she uses Ernie Ball ukulele strings to help craft her sound. You can watch the video above. 

"Ukulele has become such a key player when it comes to songwriting," Johnson says. "It will take a song in an interesting direction; one that it might not have taken had I played it on acoustic guitar."  

Ernie Ball ukulele strings feature ball-end construction for faster, easier installation over traditional tie-end strings, which can prove difficult to wrap at tension around bridge posts. Made from 100% nylon monofilament, the strings provide smooth, rich tone with a percussive attack, and are available in both black and clear nylon sets. 

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