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Watch Paul Riario and Neal Ostberg Demo the Sound City Amplification Master Lead 50

In this new video, Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario is joined by Neal Ostberg of Sound City Amplification to demo and discuss the company's Master Lead 50 amp. You can watch the clip above. 

First created in England in 1967, Sound City Amplification was reborn last year by Ostberg and Steven Fryette, with the Master Lead 50 as one of their new flagship models. 

Summoning rock and roll's brawny, tube-melting roots, at the heart of the Master Lead 50 is a dual-Mullard EL34 power amp section that is designed to saturate when pushed. The 50-watt head also excels as a powerhouse foundation for pedals and effects. Whether straight-in or with a pedalboard, the Master Lead 50 inspires creativity and elevates performance. 

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