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Watch Stephen Carpenter tear through Deftones’ Ceremony in new guitar playthrough video

Deftones recently released the creepy, Leigh ’Saw’ Whannell-directed video for Ceremony, but the choice Ohms cut has also received a surprise guitar playthrough from Stephen Carpenter.

The newly posted, close-shot clip showcases Carpenter’s tight down-picked attack on a shell pink ESP signature guitar, which is equipped with Fishman Fluence humbuckers, a Floyd Rose locking tremolo and even a matching scrunchie fret wrap to mute noise above the nut.

While the model itself is an eight-string, much of the action takes place on the guitar’s seventh string, so the track isn’t out of bounds for baritone players and seven-stringers.

We also get a closer look into Stef’s current rig, including a Line 6 Helix – which is presumably providing the tones for the playthrough – while a mini-stack from Arizona company Foppstar Amplification sits in the corner, alongside a rack of guitars that features Carpenter’s latest nine-string squeeze.

And in case you were wondering what else Stef’s been using to conjure his wrecking-ball tones, the video’s credits give a shoutout to ESP Guitars, Fishman, Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Orange, Fryette Amplification, Line 6, ENGL, Rivera Amplification, & SYNERGY.

Ceremony was officially released last week, and follows Ohms and Genesis as singles from Deftones’ ninth record, Ohms, released in September 2020. You can watch the track’s full – and very unsettling – video below.

Michael Astley-Brown

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