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Whitesnake Premiere New Cover of Deep Purple's "Burn"

Let's call it a "Cover-Dale."

Whitesnake are streaming their new version of “Burn,” which started its life as the title track for a 1974 Deep Purple album featuring Whitesnake's David Coverdale on vocals.

Coverdale was a member of Deep Purple from 1973 to 1976 and recorded three albums with the band—Burn, Stormbringer (both 1974) and Come Taste the Band (1975).

Coverdale is revisiting his Deep Purple years on Whitesnake's new album, The Purple Album, which will be released May 19.

The project was the result of Coverdale's failed attempt to reunite with former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore following the 2012 death of Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord. Coverdale said his wife suggested that he take the groundwork that was laid for the Deep Purple covers project and fashion it into a Whitesnake project.

“I took a little time to think about it,” Coverdale said. “I spoke to my musicians, and everybody was incredibly positive, so it was all systems go.” He added that it's “a huge thank-you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity I was given over 40 years ago.”

Guitar-wise, The Purple Album features Joel Hoekstra (formerly of Night Ranger) and Reb Beach (Winger).