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Z.Vex’s Box of Rock Clear is literally a transparent overdrive pedal

(Image credit: courtesy of Zvex)

Z.Vex has released a limited-edition see-through version of its flagship Box of Rock overdrive effect pedal.

The Box of Rock Clear boasts an enclosure made of Lexan, the same material used for bulletproof glass and airplane windows – so stomp as hard as you want.

There's also internal Faraday cage wiring to ensure proper shielding of the hand-soldered circuit.

Otherwise, the Box of Rock Clear offers the same “1966 Marshall JTM45 turned all the way up” tone as the original, along with a high-headroom low-noise boost.

To get your hands on one of these limited-edition beauties, which also sport flashy blue and green LEDs, head over to Zvex. Pre-orders are being taken now for $269.