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Tony Lucca Plays "Smoke 'Em" — Exclusive Live Video

We were lucky enough to have the fabulous Tony Lucca in the Acoustic Nation studio recently.

After a lovely chat, which you can view here, Lucca was kind enough to play a song or two. Below he shares "Smoke 'Em" from his self-titled album.

You may know him as a contestant on The Voice, but Lucca’s been honing his craft long before he appeared on the show. In fact, this is his eighth full-length album, and his first entirely self-produced effort.

“We went in with the intention of making a record that was as live-sounding as possible,” Lucca shares.

“I wanted to close my eyes and be able to visualize the players in the room or up on the stage, actually playing the songs together. One guitar over here, the other guy over there, bass, drums, some keys? I mean, that’s the rock-n-roll I fell in love with when I was a kid.”

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