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Review: Line 6 Stagesource L2t All-in-One Powered PA Monitor

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While most guitarists obsess over the next guitar, amp or pedal we’re going to buy, one of the best investments musicians can make is purchasing their own sound system. Owning a sound system can be a gateway to joining a better band (just ask David Lee Roth), and it can help you get better gigs or even book your own headlining shows. (And he who owns the system controls how good—or bad—the bands on the bill sound, if you catch my drift.)

In the not-too-distant past, ownership was an expensive proposition that also involved investing in a utility van in which to haul the P.A. However, technological advances in amp and speaker design have led to compact and affordable systems with better output levels and sound quality. The all-in-one Line 6 StageSource L2t powered speaker system is a perfect example.

It has a built-in mixer with EQ, reverb and feedback suppression, Smart Speaker modes that optimize output for different applications and L6 Link networking that automatically configures the system when the L2t is connected to additional speakers, subwoofers or the StageScape M20d mixer. With its affordable price and versatile functions, the StageSource L2t makes a great foundation for a sound system that you can use today and grow as you go.