100 Greatest Guitar Solos: 51-100



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What morons came up with this list? Where is Duane Allman's solo on Elizabeth Reed from Live at Fillmore East? Not even on here. The greatest solo of all time and not even on the list. You've got Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins way up above David Gilmour's Money solo. What the fuck? About half these solos need to be scratched off the list and replaced by much more deserving solos. Nirvana? WTF?



Your list incorrectly credits the solo on "...Corvette" to Prince. In fact, I played the solo on the record, and am properly credited on the album. I'd greatly appreciate you making this correction.

Kind regards,

Dez Dickerson



Me being an overall fan of music in general, I cannot believe Ernie Isley of The Isley Brother's is not on this list, he killed it in "Summer Breeze" and "That Lady"



Please check the credits for the album 'The Royal Scam'. this solo was played by Larry Carlton, not Denny Diaz. Denny plays a great lead on the very jazzy, funky track 'Green Earrings', from the same LP. PS:I understand most of the readers are rockers, but how about a Jazz/jazz-rock-fusion top 100 list? I'm new to the site and I'm not a regular buyer of your magazine, so in case you guys already published a Jazz/fusion list,my apologies and please refer me to it.Peace


Sterling Morrison and Lou Reed play guitar on the Velvet Underground version which doesn't have a guitar solo. If I were to take a wild guess here, I think the editors meant the version on the Lou Reed album "Rock 'n' Roll Animal" which feature Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on guitars.



Where's Dave Mustaine and Megadeth in this poll?????????



Who cares.

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