Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Elite Eight — "Eruption" (Eddie Van Halen) Vs. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (Eric Clapton)



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Win or lose, it doesn't change the fact that they are both great.



Who is this Edie Von Helen? What is that noise? You damn kids git off my lawn!!!

Now where did I put my Eric Crappin records?



Eruption is an all out killer. This is a no win situation case closed. Just imagine the day you turned on your turn-table and not realizing what your day was going to be about, just like any other day. Right no idea at all and sitting there and boom cracking of the the drums then eruption. For me its was unbelievable, the sound barrier had just been broken on the guitar. There stuff tied in there that is still unbelievable to this day. Every time I hear some one do it I record them and play them on sound wave on to sound wave and there still is no comparison or mirrored copy. Just sounds alike tones not the Benjamin. The timing the dynamics the velocity complete master piece. Ed new he had the formula. Except Van Frankenstein his guitar.



Weeps is a gentle, flowing solo with emotion by an iconic player from an era completely different from what was exploding in the mid to late 70s. Eddie got everyone's attention with his unique sound, intensity & ability. That more than anything keeps Eruption at the top of most lists of memorable guitar works. It may seem like arrogance or showing off to some but if you read about how & why it ended up on the debut LP you find out it was happenstance. How does it sound when you warm up? Is it worthy of making anyone's top ten list? Eruption got my vote.



Sorry, but this is still guitar masturbation by EVH, beloved by adolescent males ...



This is good that this got this far, never thought it would be between these two. You're all there for Eddie, BUT, without Eric, Van Halen had no chance, ROCK MUSIC, would have been or possibly banned like "RIOTS AGAINST THE VIETNAM WAR"
Cream, Derek and the Dominos, then pure Clapton!

For sure Eric can't compete with the fast finger of Ed, BUT, for "THE PURREST MELODIES OF LIFE" There is no one. I don't care, no one, who can put life in music as Eric Clapton!



This is a really hard one because the solos are equally iconic but couldn't be more different. I almost went with Eddie because, as stated above, Eruption really was a game changer for guitar players whereas the Clapton jam is just a great guitar moment. In the end, I chose to vote for Clapton on this one, only because Eddie himself probably would have wanted me to. But no, I'm not surprised that Eruption is winning this one.
Actually, though, I will take this opportunity to express my surprise and dismay with an earlier matchup: I don't think that Mr. Crowley should have beat All Along the Watchtower, not by a long shot. Nothing against Randy but that particular Hendrix solo, IMHO, IS absolutely one of the greatest solos ever put to tape in terms of it's structure, relevant technique, emotional weight, and iconic standing. It should have made it to the final round. But whatever, this whole thing's a little silly anyway.



YES, I couldn't have said it better myself ....Watchtower is one of the best solos ever ....



I'm not even gonna bother...



WMGGW is a great song with beautiful guitar by EC, but Eruption did really change the guitar playing world.

Go Eddie!

PS: Now I want to listen to WMGGW without the wobble effect.



I don't like where this is going. EVH not only winning but winning HUGE!
What can you do??



That must have been in jest because Eruption was THE solo that changed everything from the late 70's till mid 80's. And I still say the 1976 version of Eruption that was on YouTube is better than the recorded version. It wasn't until a certain young Swede that came along that caused the next revolution(or late 80's when I finally got a copy).

And that game changer didn't even get a guernsey in the top 64 :(



It should be winning evh changed the game with eruption


I am......STUNNED! Who'd a thunk it, Eddie Van Halen is winning??

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