Practice Makes Perfect: Five Amazing Practice Amps



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I'm going to have to give you a "Smack Down" for not mentioning the "Peavey Viper" Series. Like all Peavey Amps they are reasonably priced sound great and tough as nails. I swear by my Viper 15 it has tons of effects/options built in and I'll match it against any of those higher priced models. As a working "Garage Band" guitar player for the last 35 years I swear by Peavey Amps & Sound Systems IMHO they are the "Working Bands Friend"!!!



Those Cubes are easily one of the best deals on the planet. I played a an event with 1700 other guitarist with a Micro Cube and a Peavey V type!Lamo heads were spinning what are you using? was the main query. Imho they even sound better with batteries than plugged in.

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