Practice Made Perfect: Guitar World Rounds Up 17 Amazing Practice Amps



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What about the Line 6 DT25 which can be use in 10 watts ? (in version or stack version)

And the Yamaha THR



For those of you that haven't tried one, the Blackstar ID Core series is an awesome amp. The stereo separation, especially on the delay setting, is HUGE. You will literally feel like there's another amp in the room. The Blackstar models are great and the other effects are good. I've got a 20 watt version and it's the perfect little practice amp. The lower the volume you need, the more this one outshines many of the others.

Also, the Vox VT+ series, if you want flexibility, it's got some of the best models out there. You MUST take it off of the factory 'preset' mode and run it manually to get the pure amp tones. Their high gain stuff is almost untouchable. I had the VT40+ and it was freakin loud too, needed a 12" speaker, but great tones at any volume.

I now have the Vox Mini 5 Rhythm with the drum machine. I use the rhythm section and play through the Blackstar mostly, but also use the Vox outside with a pure battery wireless setup for a "no cables needed" outdoor rig.



I'm going to have to give you a "Smack Down" for not mentioning the "Peavey Viper" Series. Like all Peavey Amps they are reasonably priced sound great and tough as nails. I swear by my Viper 15 it has tons of effects/options built in and I'll match it against any of those higher priced models. As a working "Garage Band" guitar player for the last 35 years I swear by Peavey Amps & Sound Systems IMHO they are the "Working Bands Friend"!!!



it was in the middle "The Peavey VYPYR VIP 1 is a 20-watt.... "

Oh and we always had Peavey PA stuff and amps when I gigged. The Ultra series stuff handled heavy blues and metal just great. 3 states, numerous gigs, never a problem.



Those Cubes are easily one of the best deals on the planet. I played a an event with 1700 other guitarist with a Micro Cube and a Peavey V type!Lamo heads were spinning what are you using? was the main query. Imho they even sound better with batteries than plugged in.

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