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Guts, Glory and Guitars: Q&A with Metalocalypse Creator Brendon Small

Before the Metalocalypse, show co-creator, writer and guitar maestro Brendon Small only played in the woodshed. Oh, how the world has changed. A third season for a show like Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse—what with its copious blood n’ guts—says TV standards and practices have come a long way. So, too, have animators’ efforts to accurately depict guitar playing. At least in the eyes of guitar geeks... …

Inquirer: Billy Gibbons

    Bily Gibbons   Why did you pick up a guitar? It was louder than my sister's screaming. Plus, it looked like a hotrod. It is a hotrod! What was your first guitar? Gibson Melody Maker, single pickup, single cutaway, two-toned sunburst. 1962. Pin-striping extra. What was the first song you learned? "What'd I Say" by Ray Charles and a bunch of Jimmy Reed. Do you remember your first gig? Oh,... …