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Readers Poll Results: Top 10 Guitar Albums of 2001

It's a Cinderella story. A come-from-behind winner takes top honors in this week's Best Album poll.

Guitar World Staff Picks: Tony Grassi's Top 10 Albums of 2011

Having proclivities that spread a breadth of musical styles, I can't deny that half of my picks for the best albums of 2011 are not what one would consider "guitar" albums. But then again, a "guitar" album is a relative term. All the albums featured in my Top 10 contain guitar.

Poll: Which Guitarist Do You Most Wish Were Still Alive and Creating Music?

We ask you, Guitar World faithful: Which guitarist do you most wish were still alive and creating music?

Readers Poll Results: The Top 10 Guitar Albums of 2000

Here are your top 10 guitar albums from 2000.

Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 2001?

Let's go back a decade and reexamine the albums that made up 2001. Check out the poll below and vote for your favorite. Or let us know if we missed one. As usual, the results will be posted next week.

Photo Gallery: Guitar World Magazine Covers Throughout the Years — 2001

When one thinks of 2001 a lot of cultural references come to mind. It was the first official year of the new millennium. A new United States President assumed office. And then there's the unavoidable image of HAL 9000 from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the red eye glowing and speaking in that creepy monotonic voice: "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

Readers Poll Results: The Top 10 Guitar Albums of 1999

Sleeper wins are a funny thing. Take for instance The Karate Kid, 1984's surprise smash of the summer. Or who would have thought Rainn Wilson would outshine Steve Carrell and become The Office's breakout star?

Interview: Eric Johnson Discusses Upcoming 'Evening With' Tour, Gear and Plans for Future Releases

Speaking with the legendary Texas guitarist as he prepares for his upcoming tour, Eric Johnson reveals much on his recording process, the musicians he works with and how he embraces music's ever-changing digital frontier.

Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 2000?

For all 2000 brought, there can be only one fan-favorite guitar album, as voted by you. Check out the poll below and let us know what you think.

Photo Gallery: Guitar World Magazine Covers Throughout the Years — 2000

What was happening after everyone realized the world wasn't going to stop once 2000 hit? Check out this gallery of GW covers to see where guitar stood at the dawn of a new century. Hey, ever wonder if there are still people in Doomsday shelters who didn't get the message 11 years ago?