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Guitarist Plays Along to Sobbing Japanese Politician — Video

I don't know why this video exists, but exist it does.

Metallica Bloopers: Outtakes from ESPN SportsCenter Commercial — Video

Of course you remember Metallica's new SportsCenter commercial, which was posted pretty much everywhere on July 14.

Maker of Hammer Jammer Device for Guitars Launches Kickstarter Program — Video

Some of you might remember we posted a story (with video) about a device called the Hammer Jammer. The Hammer Jammer is a percussive device that fits onto electric or acoustic guitars, producing a different-sounding attack — something in the ballpark of a hammer dulcimer on speed.

Dear Guitar Hero: Albert Lee Talks Gear, Technique, "Cocaine," "Country Boy" and Performing with Eric Clapton

He’s a veteran breakneck picker and fingerstylist who has performed with Eric Clapton among many others. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is…

Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson Perform "Beat It" Live in 1984 — Video

Sure, we've all heard Michael Jackson's meg-hit recording of "Beat It," which features Eddie Van Halen on guitar — but have you seen Eddie perform the song live with Jackson and his band?

Metallica's ESPN SportsCenter Commercial — Video

Since Mariano Rivera retired, the guys from Metallica don't have much to do ... That's the premise of the hilarious new commercial for ESPN's SportsCenter featuring all four members of Metallica. In the 30-second clip, which you can check out below, the band are trying hard to stay busy since Yankees' pitcher Mariano Rivera called it quits last year.

Capo Classics: 15 Essential Guitar Songs Played with a Capo

The capo is to guitars what sugar — or Stevia, if you prefer — is to food. It makes everything sweeter. Musicians started noticing the capo's inherent song-sweetening properties sometime in the early 17th century, when primitive versions of the handy accessory were employed to raise the pitch of a host of fretted instruments.

John Kerry Plays Guitar in China; Experts Critique His Chops — Video

Yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry showcased his guitar-playing skills when he hosted a lunchtime jam session during talks with officials in Beijing, China.

ServoBender Hybrid Replicates Sound of Pedal Steel Guitar — Demo Video

Below, check out a recently posted demo video for the ServoBender guitar. What is it? It's the latest — and perhaps the most successful — attempt at replicating the sound of a 10-string pedal steel guitar using the six-string variety (You know, the thing most of us play).

Adelitas Way Frontman Rick DeJesus Previews and Discusses New Song, "Undivided" — Exclusive Video

Today, GuitarWorld.com presents the exclusive premiere of a new video by Adelitas Way. In the clip, which you can check out below, Adelitas Way frontman Rick DeJesus discusses "Undivided," a track off the band's new album, Stuck, which will be released July 29 via Virgin Records.