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Danny Gatton Solos with a Full Beer Bottle and Towel — Video

Gatton, who also was known as "the Telemaster" and "the world's greatest unknown guitarist" (a nickname he shared with his friend Roy Buchanan) could play country, rockabilly, jazz and blues guitar with equal authority—and sometimes with a beer bottle!

Gabriella Quevado Plays All Parts of The Eagles' "Hotel California" on One Guitar — Video

At GuitarWorld.com, we've gotten used to the sight of talented young women performing impressive six-string feats without even batting an eye.

What if Elvis Presley Covered AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie"? — Video

Sure, the late, great Elvis Presley covered everyone from Bob Dylan to the Beatles during his extraordinary lifetime.

42 Classic Movie Themes Played As Metal Songs — Video

In this new clip, posted earlier this month by YouTube user Felipe SignaveriS, we're treated to 42 classic movie themes, all played in various styles of metal, including thrash, death, black, groove, modern and beyond.

Guitarist Devotes 100 Days to Sweep Picking; Video Shows Results

As the main "lesson posting guy" here at Guitar World, I see a lot of lessons—tabs, videos, pointers, tips, etc.—go past me on my monitor. Sometimes I actually pause and think, "I'd like to try that." But to be honest, I don't really have the time to fully dedicate myself to something new, to the point that I will master it.

Whole Lotta Sound Effects: Michael Winslow Covers Led Zeppelin — Video

We know this isn't exactly a new video (it's from 2011), but it seems it was "discovered" and shared several thousand times on Facebook earlier this week.

The Iron Maidens' Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox: "The Trooper" Playthrough Video

Today, GuitarWorld.com presents an exclusive playthrough video of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper," as performed by Iron Maidens guitarists Nita Strauss, left, and Courtney Cox. The video, which you can check out below, shows some extremely up-close fret- and camerawork.

Artist Airbrushes "Skelluitar" Guitar from Start to Finish — Video

In the newly released time-lapse video below, watch artist Jordon Bourgeaut airbrush a guitar from start to finish. "In this video, I paint a guitar to match my original 'skulleidoscope'-style paint jobs," Bourgeaut writes.

Hear Eddie Van Halen Play Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" Guitar Solo Note for Note

Robinson starts things off by saying, "You can play many different styles of guitar, can't you? You were telling me before you can play 'Crossroads' note for note."

Glen Campbell Plays "The William Tell Overture" — Video

Today, in honor of Glen Campbell's 79th birthday, we thought we'd share an impressive guitar performance by the "Wichita Lineman" from 1974. The pro-shot clip below, which is introduced by none other than Bob Hope, was filmed in September 1974 in New York City's Central Park.