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Jackson Guitars' Limited-Run 30th Anniversary Soloist Celebrates the Model's "Super Strat" Legacy — Video

Introduced 30 years ago, the Jackson Soloist is one of the archetypal modern metal guitars—a sharp-edged, high-performance machine loaded with all the heavy-duty, precision-calibrated hardware needed to execute today’s extreme-metal moves. Much of the style, and many of the features, we associate with contemporary metal guitar craft originated with the Soloist. For master guitar builder Mike Shannon, working on the Soloist with company founder Grover Jackson back in the early Eighties was a career-defining moment.

Guitar World's 10 Essential Classic Rock Guitar Albums

This list of Guitar World's 10 essential classic rock guitar albums is part of a much larger feature — Guitar World's 100 Essential Guitar Albums — which you'll be seeing in the weeks ahead. For the time being, we'll start you off with these 10 masterpieces from guys named Harrison, Townshend, Hendrix and Gilmour.

Ax Men: Zakk Wylde and Joe Satriani Riff on Their Craziest Concert Moments, Jimmy Page and the State of Rock Guitar

It’s difficult to imagine two human beings more different than Joe Satriani and Zakk Wylde, even just in terms of physical appearance. Satriani is slight and slender, with a clean-shaven face and head. Wylde is big and hairy, with full beard and black-leather biker garb encasing his paunchy frame.

More Than a Feeling: Gibson's Tom Scholz Replica Les Paul Looks, Sounds and Feels Like the Real Deal

Among historic Gibsons, Tom Scholz’s 1968 Les Paul “Goldtop”—the first of two that he purchased in the Seventies—certainly ranks high. It’s the guitar heard on every massive Boston hit and all six of the group’s albums to date. As such, it was an ideal instrument for Gibson to replicate as part of its Collector’s Choice Series.

Tom Scholz Releases Boston's Last Recordings with Brad Delp, 'Life, Love & Hope,' an Album 11 Years in the Making

Boston’s Tom Scholz has a musician’s soul and a scientist’s obsession with the phenomena of sound and music. Those qualities have helped him and his long-running group create some of the most lavishly layered, hooky guitar rock of the Seventies and beyond. The guitarist was a senior product design engineer for Polaroid in the Seventies who spent his off hours tinkering meticulously on a set of demo recordings in his home studio.

The Name Game: A History of Signature Guitars

As far back as the 1830s, top luthiers like Johann Stauffer and René Lacote were collaborating with leading guitarists of the day, including Luigi Lagnani, Fernando Sor and Napoléon Coste, to create custom models. This includes what are possibly the first seven-string guitars, designed by Coste and Lacote, some of which bear Coste’s name handwritten on the label inside the body.

A Day To Remember Keep in Touch with Their Devoted Fan Base on the Road and on Their New Album, 'Common Courtesy'

Their 2013 House Party Tour required three buses and five semis to haul the five-member-band and its crew, gear and elaborate stage sets from venue to venue. For each show, the group’s small army of roadies erected a full-size house on the stage every night. Not even Alice Cooper did that.

From Bo Diddley to The Beatles to U2, Gretsch Guitars Have Been a Key Part of Rock and Roll’s Explosion

The infinite cool of Gretsch guitars operates on many levels. First there’s the look of the things: stylish, graceful, a little bit over the top in the ornamentation department but generally more proud than pimped. Bristling with gleaming, chunky control knobs and mysterious switches, a well-appointed Gretsch is a grown-up guitar.

Keith Richards Discusses the Making of The Rolling Stones' 'Exile on Main St.'

Critics snubbed it upon its release in 1972, but Exile on Main St. has become one of rock’s greatest landmarks. Keith Richards recalls the making of the Rolling Stones' masterpiece and how the album’s new reissue project became a walk down memory lane.

Missing for Years, Recordings and Footage from 1968 Miami Pop Fest Represent a Bright Spot for Jimi Hendrix Experience

By mid-1968, the hippie movement was in full flower across America. Young people were growing their hair out, dressing and thinking in new ways, tuning in, turning on and dropping out to the beat of a wild new style of psychedelicized heavy guitar music as performed by colorful groups like Cream, the Who, Blue Cheer and, of course, the Jimi Hendrix Experience.