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Archer Perform "Belief" at Gibson Las Vegas Showroom — Video

Prior to their show with HellYeah, Archer recently stopped by the Gibson Las Vegas ER showroom and Fox-5 News Studio to perform a song, "Belief." You can check it out below.

Black Star Riders Release New Album, 'The Killer Instinct,' Premiere "Finest Hour" Music Video

“Through The Motions,” “Finest Hour,” “Soldierstown,” “Blindsided” and “Sex, Guns & Gasoline” are all tracks from The Killer Instinct, the new studio album by Black Star Riders. Each track proves that melodic hard rock isn't only alive and well—but actually thriving.

Things Parents Say to Metal Musicians — Video

Today we revisit the bottomless Jared Dines well of music-centric videos to bring you "Things Parents Say to Metal Musicians."

Top 10 Greatest Rock and Roll Song Endings of All Time

Well, bub, no matter how good the song is, it eventually has to end. The question, then, is: How’s it going to end? A studio fade giving the illusion of a sing-along chorus going on forever in some imaginary world populated by elves? A repeated turnaround? An abrupt, punk-rock-style halt? An unsuspected, off-key chord?

How to Make Great "Guitar Faces" — Video

No, this May 2012 video is not new. But, as is often the case, it happens to be new to me; I found it in my inbox over the weekend—and I didn't mind it.

Skate Guitar Project Turns Broken Skateboard Decks Into Eco-Friendly Instruments — Video

This guitar-centric video comes to us courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

Dream Theater's John Petrucci Shreds on 'That Metal Show' — Video

Over the Oscars- (and snow-) filled weekend, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci made his debut appearance on That Metal Show. You can check out a pro-shot clip of Petrucci's shred-packed performance, a highlight of the series' Season 14 debut episode, below.

The "50 Best Guitar (and Bass) Tattoos Ever" — Video

Below, check out a video simply titled ‪the ”50 Best Guitar Tattoos Ever‬.” Of course, whether or not you agree with the video’s bold claim, remember Guitar World publishes readers’ guitar-centric tattoos in its “Ink Spot” section (There’s a nice Frank Zappa tattoo in our upcoming April 2015 issue).

Caparison Guitars Introduces TAT Special7, a Seven-String, 27-Fret Shred Machine

Caparison Guitars has almost completely re-modelled its TAT (Through and Through) Special Custom Line for 2015. The Japanese-made Caparison TAT Special7 is an extended-range guitar that takes every feature that made the original TAT model so special and adds an extra lower string.

Super-Vee Tremolo Systems Upgrades Blade Technology on BladeRunner

Super-Vee, manufacturer of tremolo bridges and accessories, announced today that the patented Blade technology found in its current line of tremolo bridges has been redesigned to improve all facets of performance.