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Jackson Releases Pro DK2M Dinky Limited-Run Guitar in Yellow Tiger

Jackson has announced the latest addition to its Pro Series, the Pro DK2M Dinky Limited Run guitar featured in Yellow Tiger.

PRS Guitars Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Four New Models — Video

In 1985, while the world was focused on the birth of the, a new computer operating system called Windows and “Live Aid,” an Annapolis, Maryland, guitar repairman decided to create a namesake guitar company called Paul Reed Smith Guitars.

Symphony of Instruction with Dave Mustaine: Exotic Voicings, Major and Minor Diads and "Upside-Down" Chords

As you’ve probably already heard, we have a new guitarist, Chris Broderick [Nevermore, Jag Panzer]. Chris is heavily influenced by Marty Friedman, which is great, because Megadeth play more music from that era of the band than any other and I’ve always liked that particular style.

Pink Floyd Premiere "Louder Than Words" Music Video

Pink Floyd's new album, The Endless River, is available pretty much everywhere as of today. In honor of the release, Pink Floyd have posted the official music video for a track off the new album, "Louder Than Words."

Review: Legator Helio DCH 300-Pro Guitar

It takes a lot for a newcomer to stand out in today’s crowded guitar market, but Legator has already proven that it has what it takes to become a competitor.

We took a look at Legator’s Helio DCH 300-PRO, the company’s sole semihollow model and one of its most impressive original designs.

Collector's Edition: Eddie Van Halen Guitar World Box Set

The limited-edition Eddie Van Halen Guitar World Box Set includes all four Guitar World February 2009 issues, each of which has a unique cover photo featuring Eddie Van Halen with a different version of his new EVH Wolfgang guitar.

Sweet & Lynch — Featuring Michael Sweet and George Lynch — Announce Debut Album, 'Only to Rise'

Vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet of Stryper and guitarist George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken have teamed up to form Sweet & Lynch. Joining them are bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Brian Tichy. The band will release their debut album, Only to Rise, in North America January 27 via Frontiers Music SRL.

Marilyn Manson Announces Details of New Album, 'The Pale Emperor'

Marilyn Manson has announced his next studio album, The Pale Emperor, will be released January 20. You can see the complete track list below.

Robert Plant Turns Down £500 Million Offer to Reform Led Zeppelin for 35-Date Tour

Robert Plant has turned down a whole lotta money — more than £500 million (around $800 million) — to reform Led Zeppelin for what would have been the most profitable tour in history.