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Static-X Frontman Wayne Static’s Reported Cause of Death Revealed

The late Static-X frontman Wayne Static's cause of death has reportedly been revealed as “mixed prescription drug (oxycodone, hydromorphone, alprazolam) with alcohol toxicity, hours, due to chronic prescription drug and alcohol abuse, years.”

Learn 20 Django Reinhardt Songs, Note for Note

Django Reinhardt: The Definitive Collection features authentic, note-perfect transcriptions in notes and tab for 20 classic performances by this vastly talented gypsy whose name is synonymous with jazz guitar.

Epiphone Launches Free EON App for iOS and Android — Video

Epiphone has introduced its new Epiphone Owners Newsletter App, also known as EON. It's the first official app designed especially for new and longtime owners of Epiphone instruments.

Betcha Can't Play This: Subway Shredder Mike Groisman's Sweep Arpeggios — Video

In Guitar World's very latest edition of Betcha Can't Play This, virtuoso New York City-based "subway shredder" Mike Groisman rips through some incredibly fast sweep-arpeggios and ends with a blazing alternate-picked descending run.

Breedlove Guitars Announces Updates to Studio Series for 2015 — Video

Breedlove Stringed Instruments is proud to present the 2015 Studio Series, designed and quality checked in Bend, Oregon. Designed for recorded acoustic guitar performances, the Studio series captures all the sparkling detail and nuance of your performance. The figured maple back and sides offer a clear, precise tone that rises above the mix.

New Book/CD: Step-by-Step Breakdown of Jeff Beck's Guitar Styles and Techniques

Take a deep breath and jump into the guitar adventure that is Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck A Step-by-Step Breakdown of His Guitar Styles and Techniques is an exclusive book/CD pack that features in-depth analysis of the songs and solos that highlight Beck's career, from the Yardbirds to his landmark jazz-fusion albums of the '70s to the present day.

Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thomson "Doing OK" After Being Stabbed in Head by Brother

Yesterday, Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson was stabbed in the head during a knife fight with his brother. Thomson, 41, and his younger brother, Andrew, 35, were taken to a hospital in separate ambulances after the incident, which took place in the front garden of the guitarist's home in Clive, Iowa.

Martin Guitar Receives Patent for Neck-to-Body Joint Router System

C. F. Martin & Co. announced it has received a patent for its guitar-neck-joint router system, originally introduced in 2012. Created and spearheaded by Theresa Hoffman, engineering project manager at Martin, the machine is a complex combination of measuring sensors, a scanning probe, aluminum tooling and three different cutting tools.

Need for Speed: The 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time

Guitar World exceeds the legal limit with this roundup — in alphabetical order — of the 50 fastest masters of the fretboard.

Guitar World DVD: Play Like Keith Richards and the Coolest Guitarists of All Time

In this new DVD, Keith Richards and The Coolest Guitarists of All Time, Guitar World editor and instructor Andy Aledort shows you how to play in the styles of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards -- and other legendary guitarists.